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Noakes Boat and Shipyards 7s Summer Series 2018

Expression of Interest Form

Conditions of Entry:

  • Entry fee: $720.00
  • The skipper and one crew member must be current CYCA members.
  • Prior sailing experience is to be declared.
  • Preference will be given to skippers who have not yet competed in a CYCA Elliott 7 Series
  • For an additional fee a YSA coach/graduate can be on-board in an advisory capacity.
  • Application form and conditions of hire need to be completed in FULL or will not be eligible to compete
International Address
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Application for Elliott 7 Hire

I (the skipper) confirm the following:

  • I am a financial member of the CYCA
  •  At least one member of crew listed below are members of the CYCA
  • This application is subject to acceptance by the CYCA Sailing Manager, and I am not entitled to a licence to use the Elliott 7 just because I submit this application.
  • I acknowledge further information may be required by CYCA before the application can be considered.
  • No alchohol, drugs or smoking are permitted on the Elliotts or have been consumed prior to hiring of an Elliott

 I also acknowledge

o The approval of this application by the CYCA will result in a licence subject to the terms below and any other restrictions notified by CYCA Sailing Manager on the use of the Elliott 7 including but not limited to the area, crew numbers, sail plan or time limits.

o The CYCA reserves the right to immediately terminate any approved licence for inappropriate or incompetent use of the Elliott 7 during the hire period in which event the hire fee or any part of it is non-refundable.

 I have read the terms and conditions set out below.

• I attach

o My sailing resume sailing (including events, yachts and past training I have received) and

o (in the event I am not the Skipper) the Skipper’s Resume of Sailing Experience.

o A list of all crew members



I agree to be bound by the CYCA Elliott 7 Hire Form and Terms & Conditions set out below and acknowledge that I have read and understand the Terms & Conditions of use

Form Section 3


Entry Fee: $720.00

Please note: Credit Card details will also be kept for the $1200.00 damage deposit