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Cruising Yacht Club Of Australia

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1 New Beach Road, Darling Point, NSW 2027

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General Disclaimer, Acknowledgment of Risk and General Club Liability:

To: Cruising Yacht Club of Australia ("CYCA")  And To:   Each sponsor, officer, employee, volunteer and member for the time ("other party")                                 

The person whose details are set out above:

  • acknowledges and accept the risks associated with participation in any course, event or program and waiver all rights against and releases CYCA, Youth Sailing Academy  and each Other Party in respect of any loss of life of injury to persons, or loss of or damage to property, suffered in connection therewith;
  • acknowledges that participation in any course, event or program is entirely at my own risk and responsibility;
  • acknowledges and agrees that this form is governed by the law of NSW and that any liability for harm to persons that results from breach of an express or implied warranty that any course, event, program and all services relating thereto will be conducted or rendered with reasonable care and skill is excluded.

I, the undersigned, hereby indemnify the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, its directors, officers and members from any claim for breach of duty of care whilst participating in the Youth Sailing Academy.  I expressly agree and declare that I indemnify the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia and the Youth Sailing Academy against all claims and demands in respect of death, bodily injury or damage to property occurring whilst enrolled or participating in any course, event or program controlled by the Youth Sailing Academy.

Executed as a deed poll in favour of the CYCA Youth Sailing Academy and each "Other Party" *
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Cost :-  for first time participants $450* including Youth Sailing Academy T-shirt.

Discounts :- Families receive a $50 reduction for 2nd  family  member and $100 for a 3rd  in the same course. Students on their 2nd course pay only $375* or $325* for 3rd & subsequent courses

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